Introducing Weeb Revues

Hello, and welcome to my new blog, Weeb Revues. This blog will mainly be covering light novel reviews, but I’ll probably do manga and Western literature as well. Normally, the reviews would be split volume-by-volume. However, I’ve already starting reading a lot of stuff before I had the idea to start a blog, so the first blog entries will be a bit longer, covering more content at once.

I’m planning to post on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, but it might not entirely be the case all the time, especially starting out. I hope I can make this into a very professional blog someday.

Published by macksamson

I'm just your average Otaku Joe whose been in love with Japanese culture for over seven years. I've read over a hundred manga and light novels, and I'm also researching Japanese culture as well. My modus operandi is to write professional reviews that anyone can rely on to decide exactly if something would suit their desires. I hope to share my passions with you via this blog.

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