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  • Smile Down the Runway First Impressions (Volumes 1-3)

    November 16, 2019 by

    I don’t know about you, but for me, manga is the one medium that can explore real-world themes that I would normally find boring, and make me like them. Shokugeki no Soma– about cooking- to ACT-AGE– about acting- are two great examples. But what about something I wholly resent- like the fashion world? Well, there’s… Read more

  • Infinite Dendrogram Volume 10 Review

    November 14, 2019 by

    Last time on Infinite Dendrogram, Ray fought a lot of people (like he always does). This time, he uses the pent-up powers of his Miasmaflame Bracers to summon the true form of Gardranda, the first boss he ever defeated (which is a cute girl, of course), and she helps him defeat Hell General Logan Goddhart… Read more

  • Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Overview (Volumes 1-11)

    November 12, 2019 by

    What happens when you read a story that cares more about its characters than its narrative, but YOU end up caring more for its narrative than its characters? Well, for me, that’s how I feel with the immensely popular and subversive Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-, published in English by Yen Press. Even after… Read more

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