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I talk about light novels from all across the board! Sometimes I do one post on many volumes, or go volume-by-volume for a whole series. It all depends on the work itself.


I also read manga. Reviews of manga are usually split into first impressions and full reviews, but only for ones I’ve started recently. I’ll have those One Piece and MHA reviews up someday!

…and more!

I cover videogames, Western media, and other stuff as well! You never know what I’ll find next!

  • Log Horizon Volume 2 Review
    Last time on Log Horizon, Shiroe checked out the new expansion pack of the long-lasting MMO, Elder Tales, and woke up- along with a slew of other people- physically trapped inside the game world. He meets up with his Naotsugu to see what's up, and we get a long exposition dump on how the game … Read more
  • Log Horizon Volume 1 Review
    In my first ever post, I called Infinite Dendrogram the best MMO-based light novel series. I knew I was making a wild claim, for I was aware that Log Horizon is generally recognized as such. Now that Yen Press has released it digitally, I can see for myself if it really is the best SAO … Read more
  • Ride Your Wave Movie Review
    Recently, I've realized that anime feature films are where Japanese animation puts its best foot forward. By a long shot. So, I decided to go against my gut and see Ride Your Wave, a new romance film from the studio Science SARU. Were mistakes made that day? Can't answer that question without a brief rundown … Read more
  • The Night is Short, Walk on Girl Book Review
    Most of what I read are series of several or more books. I haven't read too many standalone novels in my life, but most of the ones that I have read sucked hot a**.  And yet… I decided to read another standalone- The Night is Short, Walk on Girl- published in English by Yen Press. … Read more
  • Hinowa ga CRUSH! First Impressions (Volumes 1-3)
    I haven’t talked about Akame ga Kill! on my blog, so let me give you a short gist on how I feel about it: I love Akame ga Kill! It is a fun, edgy battle shounen with dark undertones and a surprising amount of emotional tension. Oh, and of course, the manga’s better than the … Read more

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